For all of you out there who don’t think you have the budget to travel to the best destinations — and stay in some very nice places — think again. This blog is all about how you can make that special trip happen for you and your family without breaking the bank. From Europe, to Central America, North America and the Oceania region, we’ll show you how you can travel the world in comfort and style, and come back with money to spare. SavvySojourns is not for the luxury traveler, and not for the backpacker either. We’re somewhere in between. We’re the blog that inspires the everyday traveler — the family, the  young couple or retirees — to take that trip they’ve always wanted to take and not worry about overspending. Through careful research, we’ve been able to plan and carry out the most memorable vacations. And every time we return from a great trip, we get asked time and time again how we managed to travel so well. Well, it takes time and effort, and in SavvySojourns, we’ll reveal our best finds and our best advice so that you can jump right in and get where you want to go — faster, smarter and more cost effectively.

About The Blogger: Always in search of ways to keep costs down while enjoying the best of what the world has to offer, Paula Johns officially launched the SavvySojourns blog in 2011 — although it represents a journey that has been years in the making. is based upon Paula’s own experiences, as well as the advice and insight gained from like-minded travelers through the years. When she’s not blogging for SavvySojourns, Paula is running her own PR and marketing communications consulting practice, which keeps her busy almost 24/7. 

Paula Johns